5 WUP Radiologic Technology Alumni Claim Spots in the Top 10 of X-Ray Technologists Licensure Examination, Prince Louise Aplicador Cliches First Place

Wesleyan University-Philippines once again cemented its reputation as a top producer of Top 10 placers in the X-ray Technologists Licensure Examination (XTLE) in the country as its alumni secured five (5) of the spots in the Top 10 Passers of the December 2023 XTLE. This included the number one spot earned by Prince Louise Aplicador.

The other top performers in the December 2023 XTLE were Kaycee Gabriel Marcos (Top 3), Louis Philippe Del Rosario Galvez (Top 4), Elyzza Camille Yumul Collado (Top 6), and Kimberlie Joy Cordero Orpilla (Top 7).

Further, a total of 26 new Radiologic Technologists and 16 new X-Ray Technologists were produced by WUP in this batch.

WUP earned a 74.29% Overall Rating (75% for the first-time takers and 66.67% for the Retakers) in the Radiologic Technologists Licensure Examination. This was 18.72% higher than the National Overall Rating (55.57%), while the XTLE recorded a 50% Overall Passing Rate (53.57% for the first-time takers and 25% for the retakers), 21.49% higher than the National Overall Rating (28.51%).