First Semester
July 15-August 15 Gen. Registration
August 17 1st Semester Begins
August 28 Last Day of Registration
August 28 General Orientation
August 24-28 Deadline for Adding,Changing and Dropping ofSubject
September 17 Deadline ofScholarship Application
September 22-25 Prelim Examination
October 12-16 Palarong Wesleyan
November 3-6 Midterm Examination
November 24-27 Final Examination (Graduating)
December 1 Tree Planting Activity forGraduating Students
December 2-7 Completion of allrequirements (Graduating)
December 7 Submission of Grades(Graduating)
December 7 Last Day of Thesis/Dissertation Defense
December 7-17 Final Evaluation ofGraduating Students
December 14-17 Final Examination (Non-Graduating)
December 17 End of Classes
Second Semester
January 4 -16 2nd SemesterGeneral Registration
Jan. 18 Second Semester Begins
Jan. 29 Last Day of Registration
Jan. 25-29 Deadline for Adding, Changing and Dropping of Subject
Feb. 15-20 Foundation Anniversary
Feb. 18 Deadline for Filing of Scholarship
Feb. 22-26 Prelim Examination
April 5-8 Midterm Examination
May 10-13 Final Examination (Graduating)
May 10-14 Completion of all requirements (Graduating)
May 18 Tree Planting Activityfor Graduating Students
May 21 Submission of Grades(Graduating)
May 21 Last Day of Thesis/Dissertation Defense
May 24-27 Final Examination(Non-Graduating)
May 24-June 11 Final Evaluationof Graduating Students
May 27 End of Classes
Summer Term
June 1-11 Summer General Registration
June 14 Summer Begins
June 25 Last Day of Registration
June 21-23 Deadline for Adding, Changing and Dropping of Subject
July 5-7 Midterm Examination
July 12-16 Completion of allrequirements (Graduating)
July 19-21 Final Examination(Graduating)
July 23 Last Day of Thesis/Dissertation Defense
July 23 Tree Planting Activity forGraduating Students
July 26 Submission of Grades (Graduating)
July 26-28 Final Examination (Non-Graduating)
July 26-August 6 Final Evaluation of Graduating Students
July 28 End of Classes
First Semester August17-December17 18 weeks
Christmas Vacation December 19, 2020-January 3, 2021 16 days
Semestral Break January 4-January 17 14 days
Second Semester January 18-May 27 18 weeks
Semestral Break May 28 -June 11 17 days
Summer Class June 14-July 28 6 weeks
Summer Break July 29-August 22 25 days
June 12 Independence Day (Regular Holiday)
August 21 Ninoy Aquino Day (Regular Holiday)
August 31 National Heroes Day (Regular Holiday)
September 2 Nueva Ecija Day (Regular Holiday)
November 1 All Saint’s Day (Special Non-Working Holiday)
November 30 Bonifacio Day (Regular Holiday)
December 25 Christmas Day (Regular Holiday)
December 30 Rizal Day (Regular Holiday)
January 1 New Year’s Day (Regular Holiday)
February 3 Cabanatuan City Day (Regular Holiday)
February 25 EDSA Revolution Anniversary (Regular Holiday)
April 1 Maundy Thursday (Regular Holiday)
April 2 Good Friday (Regular Holiday)
April 9 Araw ng Kagitingan (Regular Holiday)
May 1 Labor Day (Regular Holiday)
May 18-24 Higher Education Week