There is a need to produce more Filipino doctors who will serve in rural communities so that patients will no longer have to go to urban areas to seek medical help. During the pandemic, we saw the need for more doctors who will serve within their local communities -doctors who have knowledge of local healthcare conditions, and who are well-equipped and capable of addressing the needs of patients. Over the years, an increasing number of students have expressed interest in taking up Doctor of Medicine in an institution within the region.

Offering this program enables Wesleyan University-Philippines to holistically actualize its mission of providing quality education and compassionate health care services imbued with Wesleyan spirituality, and to produce competent graduates committed to the healing of persons and the whole of creation for the glory of God.

The goal of the program is to produce competent professionals who will be future leaders who will serve the community in the rural areas of our country. This advocacy is vital to the needs of our people today and clearly aligned with the Wesleyan purpose as stewards of leadership and service. A degree in Medicine provides students with the necessary skills to make them competent and compassionate community health providers for the Philippine Health Care System. At the end of the 4-year course, the graduate would have acquired the knowledge, skills, and attitude of a primary care physician.


  1. To provide quality medical education that is locally relevant and globally responsive, within an innovative and responsive teaching/learning environment.
  2. To provide an integrated outcomes-based curriculum with emphasis on the integration of basic science knowledge to the study of clinical sciences, and vice versa.
  3. To integrate our core values in the study of basic and clinical sciences, with our faculty as role models.
  4. To master and apply the art of critical thinking, vital in the process of decision making of clinical cases.
  5. To enhance professional education and clinical skills through students’ exposure and subsequent complete immersion in a selected underserved community; with students’ involvement in Community Health Activities.
  6. To develop basic knowledge and skills in Health Services and Basic Management which will enable the students to become leaders in their roles as Managers/Administrators in medical institutions, like medical clinics, departments, laboratories, medical schools and government health institutions.


We envision the College of Medicine of Wesleyan University-Philippines, to be the region’s leader in medical education and health care; to produce competent professional physicians who are future leaders, accountable to the health needs of the people in the region.