September 11, 2023. Wesleyan University-Philippines, nestled in the heart of academic excellence, recently celebrated the arrival of its incoming freshmen and transferees with a vibrant and engaging Student Organization Fair and General Orientation. This event, held in the university’s gymnasium, marked the commencement of an unforgettable academic journey for these eager students.

At the core of this welcoming event were the university’s dynamic organizations and offices, each passionately introducing themselves to the new members of their academic family. This warm and inclusive atmosphere was brought to life by the dedicated representatives from several key departments, including the Wesleyan Supreme Student Council, Office of Student Affairs, GenrĂ©, Sports Development Office, University Clinic, ICT Office, Guidance & Placement Office, and the University Library.

The day’s agenda not only included informative presentations but also showcased the incredible talents of the Wesleyan community. The WU-P Chamber Singers, Teatrong Laan sa Obra Ngayon (TELON), and the WU-P Dance Troupe delivered captivating performances that left an indelible mark on the newcomers.
Beyond the stage, students were encouraged to explore a multitude of booths set up by various organizations and colleges. This firsthand experience provided them with a glimpse into the vibrant campus life that awaits them. The event laid the foundation for lasting connections and an abundance of opportunities for personal and academic growth within the Wesleyan community.

In an inspiring address, students were urged to embrace this exciting beginning as University officials and students alike came together to nurture meaningful connections and embark on an incredible educational journey at Wesleyan University-Philippines. As this promising chapter unfolds, the university is set to be a beacon of knowledge, growth, and camaraderie for these fresh faces embarking on their academic voyage. Wesleyan University-Philippines is indeed off to an exciting start, promising a bright future for its students.