In a ceremony held on April 23, 2024, at the Hall of Justice, Old Capitol Compound, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, a cohort of Juris Doctor students from the John Wesley School of Law and Governance took a step forward in their legal careers. The occasion marked their oath-taking as Student Law Practitioners under Rule 138-A of the Rules of Court. Presided over by the Executive Judge of the Regional Trial Court of Cabanatuan City, Hon. Johnmuel Romano Ritzard D. Mendoza, the event was attended by legal figures and mentors.The oath-taking ceremony was significant as it symbolized the transition of these aspiring legal professionals from the academic realm to the practical domain of law. The Student Practice Rule under Rule 138-A was a pivotal aspect of legal education in the Philippines. It would allow law students who completed their third year of law school to represent clients in court under the supervision of a licensed attorney. This hands-on experience would provide invaluable training and insight into the real-world application of legal principles.

Among the guests present at the ceremony were Atty. Dick F. Fernandez, the Clinical Legal Education Program professor at John Wesley School of Law and Governance, and the current President of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines – Nueva Ecija Chapter. Also in attendance was Atty. Maria Carmela C. Wenceslao, a faculty member of the School of Law and the Vice President of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines – Nueva Ecija Chapter. Their presence underscored the importance of mentorship and guidance in the development of future legal professionals.

As these newly sworn Student Law Practitioners embarked on this journey, they would carry with them not only the knowledge gained from their academic studies but also the ethical principles instilled through their training. The oath they took signified their commitment to uphold the integrity of the legal profession and serve the cause of justice with diligence and honor. With the support of their mentors and the legal community, they were poised to make meaningful contributions to society through their dedication to the pursuit of justice and the rule of law.

Article provided by Atty. Darren J. Gonzales
Photos from the Integrated Bar of the Philippines – Nueva Ecija Chapter Official Facebook Page