Policies on Withdrawal, Correction and Retraction

Withdrawal of Submitted Articles
Submitted manuscripts may be withdrawn by the author at any time before its publication in its final form or during the peer-review process. The author must submit a withdrawal request in a formal letter to the Chief Editor stating the reason for the withdrawal. A written response approving the withdrawal will be sent by the Editor. 

Retraction of Articles
Retractions may be made in cases of evidence of unreliable data or findings, plagiarism, duplicate publication, and unethical research. All retraction notices explain why the article was retracted. WSR's retraction policy is guided by the policies and guidelines of the WU-P Ethical Review Board. 

Corrections of Articles
In cases where a major or significant error in the manuscript has been found, an errata or corrigenda or addenda will be published with the consent of the author. However, if the error does not significantly affect the content of the article, the correction will be ignored. Further, to avoid the existence of errors in the published manuscript, it will be replaced by the PDF version as soon as the manuscript is corrected.

A replacement version of the article will be posted containing just the metadata, with a correction note replacing the original text. The PDF will be replaced with a version watermarked with “Corrected” but the original text will remain accessible. In rare cases, we may have to remove the original content for legal reasons.

In other cases, an Addendum may be added detailing very important content that has been omitted by mistake during the editorial process. The content of the Addenda will also be peer-reviewed before publication and a request for Addenda is entertained only in cases of utmost importance.

Change of Author's Name
WSR does not entertain requests from authors to change their name for whatever reasons, including but not exclusive of marriage, divorce, change in religion, change in gender identity, and other personal reasons.