Instruction to Authors

Ethics in Publishing
Authors must conform to the following stipulations when submitting articles to WSR.
     1. Authorship is attributed only to people who made a substantial contribution to the study.
     2. The manuscript submitted for publication should be original papers.
     3. Cited works of other authors should be appropriately acknowledged. The plagiarism threshold           
          should not exceed 15 percent.
     4. Multiple Submissions. Authors shall not submit manuscripts that are concurrently reviewed in other

Conflict of Interest
All authors are required to inform the editorial board about the possible or actual conflict of interest. In case there is no conflict of interest, the author(s) shall declare it before the acknowledgment section.

Submission Declaration
All manuscripts that are submitted to the journal shall have no prior publication. Research papers in the form of published lectures, theses, and preprints are not considered as published materials.

Use of Inclusive Language
Authors are expected to avoid expressions that are deemed offensive, racist, sexist, biased, or disparaging to a group of people.  For example, use the word “staff” instead of “manpower;” instead of the word “crippled,” use “person with a disability” or “differently-abled.”

The WSR adopts the criteria of authorship attribution recommended by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. These criteria are the following:

  1. The researcher has made substantial contributions to the conceptualization, design of the study, including the gathering and analysis of data.
  2. The researcher has contributed to the process of drafting and revising the manuscript for valuable intellectual content.
  3. The researcher has approved the final copy of the manuscript to be published.
  4. The researcher has accepted responsibility for all aspects of the manuscript, including integrity or accuracy.

Changes to authorship shall be made before the submission of the manuscript to the journal. Changes to authorship include the addition of names, deletion of names, and changes in the order by which the names of the authors are arranged. If the changes happen during the review process, the corresponding author shall write a letter to the Editor stating therein the reason for such changes.  No changes to authorship shall be accommodated after the final copy of the journal has been set.

Funding Source
Authors are asked to identify the individuals or institutions that provide funding for their research. They should be mentioned in the acknowledgment.

Peer Review
WSR adopts a double-blind review process. Submitted manuscripts shall undergo an initial review process to check compliance with the journal guidelines. Manuscripts that pass this review process will be sent to a reviewer who will assess the quality of the manuscript. Manuscripts that are needing revisions will be returned to the contributor for appropriate action. The decision to accept or reject a manuscript is the sole responsibility of the Chief Editor after having consulted the reviewers about the quality of the paper.