Development of Project-Based Assessment Activities in Learning Science


  • Nanette Mendillo
  • Emmeline Arel



Developed Project-based activities, , assessment of Project-based activities, Science Project-based activities


Based on the outcome of the first to fourth quarter assessments, which served as the basis of the developed project-based learning activities, the researchers conducted this study due to the need to objectively evaluate student learning in Science courses. There is a noted deficiency in the scores as seen on the least mastered learning competencies for grade 10 students in Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in the public secondary schools of General M. Natividad. The study’s concentration was on the perceived effectiveness of the designed activities in Science courses. It was conducted within the jurisdiction of DepEd General M. Natividad, Division of Nueva Ecija. The respondents were 30 Science teachers of the six public secondary schools in the district, namely: Azarcon Integrated School, Mataas na Kahoy High School, Talabutab Norte National High School, Eduardo L. Joson Memorial High School, Virginia Dulay Integrated School, and General Mamerto National High School. The development of Project-Based Activities was based on the ADDIE model developed by the Center of Educational Technology, which has five steps specifically: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. Based on the findings of this study, the following conclusions were drawn: (1) The developed project-based learning activities in Science were found in 4 stages:  Analysis, Design, Development, and Evaluation. (2) The developed project-based learning activities were believed to be effective, as the teachers strongly agreed with the parameters stated for each category. (3) The designed Science project-based learning activities were verified based on the evaluative ideas and recommendations of the validators. Recommendations and suggestions of the validators were incorporated into the development of project-based activities for learning Science.