Proclaiming and upholding Christian ideals and the democratic principles for which it stands, Wesleyan University-Philippines commits:
  • to promote transformative leadership evidenced through effective and transparent governance ruled by social holiness;
  • to produce proactive 21st-century learners honed by high-caliber and conscientious faculty and staff using state-of-the-art facilities, and guided by the principle of inclusive education;
  • to foster successful partnerships with stakeholders and sustainable linkages with the community; and
  • to be at the forefront of conducting innovative research as a testament to our shared responsibility in nation-building.
By 2029, Wesleyan University-Philippines is the leading Filipino University imbued with Wesleyan spirituality; it is internationally recognized for providing high-quality education; and has a shared culture of social responsibility.”




We express profound empathy through selfless acts of service to alleviate suffering, promote understanding, and cultivate kindness in our interactions with living beings and the environment transcending boundaries of cultural differences.


We ardently cultivate a collaborative spirit, cherishing diverse perspectives that enrich our academic landscape. We embody interdisciplinary synergy that dismantles academic boundaries, fostering an environment where ideas converge for innovation. Rooted in Christian values and traditions, we thrive on principles of integrity and mutual respect in creating an inclusive academic community.


We ensure responsibility for all actions, behaviors, performance, and their consequences, and demonstrate stewardship in utilizing both tangible and intangible resources. We uphold integrity in fulfilling our roles and capacities as models of servant leadership.


We live by the principles of ecumenism and interfaith dialogues as part of our spiritual formation with great dependence on the graces flowing from God. We live a life ruled by social holiness in accordance with His mission and teachings until we are formed in Him.


We strive for greatness through a relentless commitment to the highest standards across all aspects of academic and institutional life reflected in the active pursuit of scholarly distinction by undertaking knowledge-generation endeavors, cultivation of critical thinking, and fostering an environment that encourages continuous improvement and development.