“Wesleyan University-Philippines provides quality education and compassionate health care services imbued with Wesleyan spirituality, to produce competent graduates committed to the healing of persons and the whole of creation for the glory of God.”

A university, especially one with a Christian affiliation, is concerned with individuals and communities becoming better persons in all aspects: intellectually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Healing refers to this total state of well-being and is the desired outcome of all the work that the university does.

“By 2024, WU-P is a Methodist institution of learning that fosters academic excellence, innovative research, transformative leadership, environmental stewardship, and health care services at par with global standards imbued with social holiness.”

As a Methodist institution, WU-P professes, as John Wesley did, that it is within Christian community that holiness of life is realized. The work context of the university is Christian fellowship among internal and external stakeholders, within the socio-economic and political realities that a university operates.