A WAPP member is entitled to benefits like scholarship/tuition fee discounts in the Graduate School, also covering the child of an alumni card holder; and 10% discount in hospital services at the Wesleyan University Medical Center and merchant partners within and outside the city.

The number of the program’s merchant partners continues to grow. These include food establishments, hotels, salons, resorts, car services, clinics, and many more. From the previous 54 merchant partners, 83 establishments have already signed up and participate in providing discounts to Wesleyan University-Philippines’ graduates.

The new merchant partners include:

  • Arenal Eye and Optical Clinic
  • NE Veterinary Clinic
  • Unimed Xray & Ultrasound Clinic
  • Midbrain Activation
  • The Gift Box
  • Tehillah Agro Center
  • Summer Spring Water Station
  • Jenny Travel and Tours
  • Salon de Albularyo
  • Centromed Enterprises
  • Human Nature
  • Moonleaf Tea Shop
  • Trend Depot
  • Paps Barbershop
  • Red Ribbon
  • Banahaw Heals Spa
  • Globe Driving School
  • Umayan-Cabrera Dental Clinic
  • Al June’s Fashion
  • Jethro Car Aircon Services
  • Bueno Furniture
  • Lilian Heavenly Cakes
  • Oh My Churros
  • Sliced Cake by Marcos
  • Ben’s Halo-halo Ice Cream
  • Timbol Roofing
  • Lady Ann’s Textile Dist
  • Emdems Dormitory
  • Blue Copy
  • GENEIUS Business Solutions
  • Print Saver
  • JB Apparels and Digital Embroidery
  • Finestyle Catering Services

Experience and enjoy the privileges that WAPP offers! Grab an Alumni Plus Card and be a WAPP member today