Wesleyan has shaped tens of thousands of alumni in its 71 years of existence.  For them, the Alumni Center was introduced – a place that alumni can call as their own.

The former executive lounge located beside the University food court was converted into the new Alumni Center comprising of the Alumni Office, a mini conference room and a café.

The mini conference room can hold up 20 to 25 people. This will be the venue for association officers’ meetings or seminars. The conference room could also be used by other Wesleyanians for a minimal charge.

The café, on the other hand, simply called “The Coffee Shop” sells coffee, frappe, coolers, tea and pastries. The place has a classy and cozy ambience which makes it a perfect place for hang outs. The shop is also open to all, most especially the visiting alumni. Discounts, perks and promos await guests.

The new home of the alumni was built from funds and donations of graduates.

“It is just a tangible proof of our Alumni’s generosity and accomplishment”, Professor Emma Mangabat, the Office for Alumni Affairs Director said.

Alumni can claim their yearbooks, graduation pictures, Alumni ID and Alumni Plus Card at the Alumni Office. Souvenirs are available and can be bought in the office as well