Senior high school alumni officers of batch 2019 conducted a tree-planting activity on July 12, 2020 with 200 volunteers from inside and outside the University planting seedlings around the campus.

The tree-planting project is the SHS 2019’s support to the goal of University PresidentJudge Benjamin Turgano to make Wesleyan University a carbon-neutral place.

“In 5 years, the fruit-bearing and forest tree seedlings that we planted will be fully-grown and our university will become greener and hopefully, carbon-neutral,” said Ken Santiago, SHS Batch 2019 President.

Santiago said that their batch and maintenance team will keep in touch with Alumni Affairs Director, Prof. Henry Cocoy DR. Nacpil, for the monitoring of the planted seedling.

Santiago addressed his batchmates in an interview, saying, “Wesleyan University has been our second home. It gave us a lot of memories to cherish. As we head towards college life, let’s not forget where we came from, let us continue to support our alma mater and give back the blessings that our university has shared with us through the years. For the Wesleyan students, especially the next Senior High School alumni, please support our advocacy to make our university greener.”

Planted around the campus were 71 mahogany, 22 golden shower, 21 fire tree, 12 narra, 8 ilang-ilang, 7 calamansi, 5 langka, and 2 almon seedlings.