For successful admission at SOLAS, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Students have graduated with an undergraduate degree from a government-recognized or accredited higher education institution (HEI). (Students may be asked to submit college catalogues, syllabi, or other documents in order to indicate the academic level of undergraduate work.)
  • Admission to any master’s program requires students to have a college academic average grade of at least 80.
  • Admission to any doctoral program requires students to have a relevant master’s degree from accredited HEIs and whose general average is at least 85. For non-verticalized degree programs (e.g. from MPA to PhD BA), applicants will be required to take a bridging program composed of 9 units toward the doctoral specialization (including 3 units of research).
  • By way of exception, any student with a lower general average may initially be admitted on a probationary basis for one semester. After demonstrating the capacity to undertake graduate or post-graduate studies, he/she may be formally admitted to the program.
  • Enrollment in any research doctoral program requires a successfully passed master’s thesis. For graduates of non-thesis programs, they shall be required to finish 6 units of research courses before admission, and submit a research paper that will be used to gauge if the applicant has the skills to pursue a doctoral research degree.
  • Applicants who do not aim to pursue any degree programs but intend to attain knowledge enhancement and personal development may be admitted to non-degree status. However, they should undergo the required admission procedures. In the event that these students decide to pursue a particular degree program, the same policies and requirements observed by the degree shall apply to them.
  • Provisional admission may be given to students falling short of full admission requirements. Provisional admissions are valid for one semester only. Failure to comply to the requirements of admission after one semester will entail being dropped from the program.

NOTE: Master of Sacred Theology and PhD in Religious Studies have different admission requirements. Please check the program descriptions in this document.


  • Applicants must submit an official, standardized, internationally recognized English test result.
  • Applicants must present a Permit to Study from the Commission on Higher Education.
  • Successful international students will have begun the application process not later than 3 months prior to WU-P Registration Week


Upon admission, students are expected to agree to abide by the following pledge: “I do solemnly promise that I will diligently and faithfully attend to the instruction and exercises of WU-P; observe its rules of conduct relating to students, respect the admonition of the instructional staff, and cooperate with the Spirit and spiritual emphasis of the University while I shall continue as a student of the institution. I recognize the University’s sole prerogatives to promulgate such reasonable rules and regulations it deems necessary for the effective realization of its educational mandate and that should I disagree to them, I will voluntarily withdraw my enrolment and hold it free from liabilities.”


For successful admission at SOLAS:

  • An application form will have been carefully filled out by the applicant. The form can be obtained from the SOLAS Office upon request and is available here. The application form requires that the student supply a small recent 2×2 picture.
  • Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate schools attended by the student will have been submitted to the SOLAS Office. The transcripts should have the remark “Copy for WU-P.”
  • Students who are transferring credits from other HEIs must submit a statement of honorable dismissal and a recommendation for admission. An original Transcript of Records is also required.
  • Students desiring financial assistance must communicate with the Office of Student Affairs for the Form and process of scholarship application.


The following grading system is adopted by the School of Leadership and Advanced Studies:

1 99-100 EXCELLENT Indicates deligence and originally an effective grasp of material beyond memorization and high degree of freedom from error.
1.1 96-98
1.2 95-96 SUPERIOR
1.3 93-94
1.4 91-92 VERY SATISFACTORY Indicates an above-average quality of work, an indistrious attirude and throuhness in what is undetaken, with considerable insight into course material
1.5 90
1.6 89
1.7 88 SATISFACTORY Indicates a satifactory level of work, with evidence of engagement of learning materials
1.8 87
1.9 86
2 85
2.1 83-84 BARELY SATISFACTORY Indicates work that tends to be mechanically correct, that has satisfied the completion of assignments, but that locks consistency, orignally, insight, and depth.
2.2 82-83
2.3 81-82
2.4 80-81
2.5 79 NOT SATISFACTORY Indicates work that is below average, lacks initiative, lacks responsible completion of assignments, and reflects the inability of the student to grasp the significance of learning materials
2.6 78
2.7 77
3 75
3.1 74 FAILURE Indicates failure to the satisfactory work.
Master’s Degrees 800.00 +/- 5,000.00
Doctoral Degrees 1,301.00 +/- 6,000.00