Master in Business Administration

The MBA is a 36-unit professional graduate degree program designed to develop capable, socially responsible, and mature managers and leaders in today’s evolving global business environment. The program focuses on skills needed by business professionals, such as analytical reasoning, communication, leadership, and strategic thinking. WU-P MBA embodies the university’s ethos of Christian character and excellence in one’s chosen vocation. Thus, the program prepares graduates to possess godly values to work competitively and ethically in the global marketplace. There are four specializations in the program: Thesis, Non-thesis, Social Entrepreneurship, and Hotel and Restaurant Management.

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Master in Hospital Administration

The MHA is a 36-unit professional graduate degree program that equips graduates to be an effective administrator of a hospital or health care facilities. The program covers topics such as financial management, legal and ethical issues of health services, information management, economics and policy, strategic marketing, hospital planning and design, and hospital administration. Graduates shall be well-equipped to demonstrate managerial and leadership competencies, and exhibit critical thinking, and ethical sensitivity in decision-making in the various areas of responsibilities in hospital administration. The program has two tracks: thesis and non-thesis.

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Master in Public Administration

The MPA is a 36-unit professional graduate degree program designed for professionals who work or would like to work in public service. The program enhances the administrative and managerial skills of students in their respective workplaces, particularly in government agencies and organizations. The curriculum deals with competencies necessary for public servants in their chosen field of specialization and equips graduates to be the effective in leadership positions. Individuals who are interested in working or engaging in the development, promotion, and advancement of effective, efficient, and efficacious public organizations and administration will greatly benefit from this program. The program has two tracks: thesis and non-thesis.

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Professional Master in Educational Leadership

The PMEL is a 33-unit, full-time, one-year professional graduate degree program built on a cohort-learning model. It is designed to prepare qualified and effective K-12 school administrators and instructional leaders, produce effective K-12 school principals who can also serve as positive change agents in the community, and develop school leaders with the necessary skills and capacity to improve student learning and implement best practices. Students will be guided to create and implement innovations and programs that will help students and schools achieve educational goals. Students in the program are expected to become problem-solvers, decision-makers, advocates, and managers who are guided by Christian principles and values.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration

The PhD BA is a 42-unit research degree designed to develop and advance knowledge and perspective through analytical synthesis of management and leadership theories and principles. It is designed for scholarly growth in the theoretical foundations of business administration, management academics, and writing skills. It promotes Christian-based, humane, socially responsible, and effective business leadership. It is the expressed goal of the program to equip graduates with research and change management skills needed in the academia and other organizations in the twenty-first century. The program also exposes students to current issues and trends and to real-world scenarios, and challenges them to conduct research that addresses these.

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Doctor of Leadership Studies (to be offered in August 2022)

The LSD is a 45-unit post-graduate professional degree program designed to equip mid-career leaders, managers, and practitioners who wish to refine, refresh, and upgrade their knowledge and skills in leadership and administration. Emphases fall on addressing organization change, designing relevant products, and creating process-based solutions. The program balances theory-assessment with competency-driven courses and project-based outputs. A culminative dissertation is required for graduation. The program has four specializations: Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Social Innovation, and Public Administration.