The Wesleyan Supreme Student Council, Genrè– The Central Student Publication, College Local Council governors, and Recognized Student Organizations collectively conducted a respectful visit to the esteemed leaders of our university. This represents a significant stride towards fostering a more vibrant and cooperative academic environment at Wesleyan University Philippines.

On September 6, 2023, the student leaders, under the guidance of Prof. Keith Bryan Javier and Emmanuel John Pagan, who serve as advisers for the Wesleyan Supreme Student Council and Genre, collaborated with representatives from the College Local Council and Dr. Henry Cocoy Nacpil, the Director of Student Affairs. The individuals convened at the President’s Conference Room to engage in a highly anticipated courtesy call.

The purpose of this meeting was to acquaint student leaders with the university’s forward-thinking administrators. The event was attended by Atty. Juanito R. Carlos Jr., who serves as the Chairman/Officer-in-Charge, and Dr. Lucille Grace C. Hillario, the Vice President for Academic Affairs. We also expressed our gratitude for the spiritual guidance provided by Bishop Ruby-nell M. Estrella, Bishop Israel M. Paint, and Bishop Rodel M. Acdal.

During this courtesy call, the university’s leadership extended an invitation to the student leaders to present their vision, plans, and goals. Collaborative efforts play a crucial role in establishing an all-encompassing academic milieu that prioritizes the amplification of students’ perspectives and their influence on forthcoming developments.

The commencement of this meeting signifies the initiation of a fresh phase of collaboration between students and administrators subsequent to the conclusion of the pandemic. The focal point of this meeting lies in highlighting the significance of student engagement in their educational pursuits. We have high expectations for a productive academic year as we embark on this educational endeavor.

Wesleyan University-Philippines posits that the attainment of success is contingent upon the collaborative efforts of student leaders and administrators. This inaugural visit serves as the commencement of a paradigm-shifting expedition in which the perspectives of our students play a pivotal role in shaping a more promising and all-encompassing trajectory. Please remain engaged for forthcoming updates regarding our collaborative endeavors.
Article by Ms. Izza Gabrieli Capia & Mr. Kristoffer Ban Cabiles
Photos by Ms. Izza Gabrieli Capia