Wesleyan University-Philippines offers the new graduate programs Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Religious Studies (By Research), Master of Sacred Theology (STM), Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Nursing Education, and Professional Masters in Educational Leadership and Public Management.

“The offerings of new programs and the revisions of the curricula were based on the new vision of WUP, crafted under the leadership of the current President, Judge Benjamin D. Turgano, as a Methodist institution of learning that fosters academic excellence in research, religion, health care and leadership at par with global standards,” said Dr. Gener Subia, Dean of Graduate Studies.

Ph.D. in Religious Studies 

The Ph.D. in Religious Studies is an interdisciplinary research degree that prepares scholars, academics, leaders, and researchers as they embark on studying spiritual beliefs, the impact of religion in the international environment, the presence of traditions in the modern world, and different approaches on religions and its place in history.

The research degree must be completed in five years, with 12 units of research, 27 units of independent study, and 12 units of dissertation. In addition, the student is required to publish two articles in a national or international research journal and present his/her paper in a research colloquium and/or in academic conferences.

Master of Sacred Theology 

The Master of Sacred Theology (STM) is an advanced graduate professional degree for those who wish to pursue a year of more advanced coursework focusing on a particular discipline or ministerial and other religious leadership practice.

The STM is a 21-credit degree designed for deepening knowledge, finding one’s scholarly voice and increasing professional competence. The degree is to be completed in one year.

Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

The full-time two-year program Ed.D. in Educational Leadership is designed to develop leadership skills and advanced knowledge to experienced educational leaders, administrators, and managers of basic and higher education institutions. The program is built on a cohort-learning model, where cohorts consist of 10 to 20 students with diverse educational background and experience such as principals, supervisors, chairperson, deans, and other educational administrators. They are guided to develop solutions and innovations to address various problems and challenge of the education system brought by demographic, cultural, economic, and political changes.

The program’s 45 units consist of 9 units of research, 21 units of core courses, 6 units of institutional requirements, and 12 units of dissertation.

Ph.D. in Nursing Education

The Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Education is a post-master’s degree that prepares scholars for academic settings and healthcare organizations. It aims to develop excellence in teaching the field of nursing and engage in a research route specific to nursing education. The doctorate program broadens content acquired at the baccalaureate or master’s levels to emphasize knowledge development, education strategies, leadership and research.

The Ph.D. in Nursing Education is a 63-unit post-master’s program which can be completed in 3 years or less.

Professional Master in Public Management

The Professional Master in Public Management (PMPM) program is an online, one-year, 30 units’ master’s degree program designed for officials of government and non-government institutions who wishes to have graduate education degree. The students under this program will be trained to become knowledgeable and effective administrators and managers capable of handling problems and difficult situations. The students under this program are expected to become problem-solvers, critical thinkers, decision makers, advocates and managers who are guided by Christian principles and values.

Master of Arts in Nursing Distance Learning Program

Likewise, Master of Arts in Nursing Distance Learning Program (MAN-DLP) will be offered this coming semester. This is designed for nursing graduates who are residing outside the country and are seeking to earn their graduate education.  Further, it is designed to prepare qualified nurses in the Philippines and abroad for clinical specialization and leadership in adult health nursing. It is indented for professional nurses in various nursing fields, including education, service, administration, community health, research, and private practice.

Professional Master in Educational Leadership

For school leaders, the Professional Master in Educational Leadership (PMEdL) equips K-12 school administrators/principals and instructional leaders with the necessary skills and capacity to improve student learning and implement best practices, and to serve as positive change agents in the community.

The PMEdL program is a full-time, one-year program built on a cohort-learning model. Cohorts consist of 10-20 students who are prepared to become principals, directors, supervisors, and administrators of basic education institutions. In this program, the students are guided to implement innovations and programs that will help students and schools achieve educational goals. The 30 units of the program consist of 24 units of core courses and 6 units of institutional requirements.

Curriculum revision for Master of Social Work (MSW) was also implemented. From the existing with-thesis program, the Graduate School has provided the students an option to enroll in a non-thesis MSW course.

All programs of the University will be delivered using the flexible learning mode where both online and offline, synchronous and asynchronous means are utilized for continuous learning.

The graduate school is inviting all interested professionals to enroll in their new programs to experience the best Christian education that Wesleyan offers as one of the leading universities in the region.

For the full program of study, get in touch with the College Secretary Dr. Vibelle Vergara (www.veyver@yahoo.com.ph, 09151790968) and the Dean of Graduate Studies Dr. Gener Subia (subiagener@yahoo.com, 09176399429).