On May 3-5, 2023, the First Surveillance Audit for the ISO Certification of Wesleyan University- Philippines was conducted by Engr. Elizabeth Villezar from the Bureau Veritas Singapore.The audit aimed to confirm if the University’s management system conformed with all the requirements of the audit standard (ISO 9001: 2015); if the University had effectively implemented its planned arrangements; if the management system was capable of achieving the organization’s policies, objectives, and evaluation of the ability of the management system to ensure the client organization met applicable statutory, regulatory, and contractual requirements; and to identify areas for potential improvement of the management system, as applicable.

Despite the city-wide power interruption on May 4, all the processes were covered.

During the closing program, Engr. Villezar highlighted several strengths of the University. These included: (1) the Top Management’s remarkable commitment to establishing international linkages; (2) the notable 10-year Development Plan; (3) the noteworthy provision of additional resources (such as a newly constructed Chapel, acquisition of new computer units, and others); and (4) the continuous operation of the 440 solar modules which according to her was a good
practice of resource conservation.

In conclusion, Engr. Villezar congratulated WUP for being able to uphold the recommendation for
the maintenance of its certification to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.